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Hilly town in the province of Mantua and located in Lombardy, it enjoys a very central position, in fact it is just a few km from Lake Garda, the cities of Verona, Brescia and Mantua,

Monzambano is a medieval town that still boasts some precious monuments  to visit


St. Michael's Church

It is one of the buildings which, together with the medieval castle, characterizes the small village of about 5000 inhabitants located on a hill at the foot of the river. The majestic church dominates the valley and from it it is possible to admire the valley below, one of the protected areas of theMincio regional parkestablished with the regional law n. 47 of 8 September 1984. The church is dedicated to theArchangel Michael, protector in battles, in plagues, saint who helps in crossing rivers and remembered for defending faith in God against Satan.


Monzambano Castle

 It is an ancientstrongholddating back toXI centurylocated on a hill overlooking the center ofMonzambano, inprovince of Mantua, which preserves the original urban layout unchanged, as well as some medieval buildings and defensive works, including the towers and the perimeter defense walls with Guelph battlements. Inside the walls there is the small church of San Biagio

fiume mincio.jpg

The Mincio river in Monzambano

The Mincio  is a unique riveremissaryof theLake Gardaand last left tributary of theBit. With the'tributary Sarcaand the lake itself forms a single river system along 203 km (Sarca-Mincio).

The Mincio leaves Lake Garda nearFishpondand begins to flow first among the morainic hills of Garda up toValeggio on the Mincio, then in thePo Valleywith a certain difference in height (from Peschiera to Goito 4 m in 28 km), wetting the city ofMantua. South of the city it enters the Po as a left tributary nearI rule it, where it is regulated by some dams to allow navigation.

Adjacent to the river Mincio there is a cycle path that connects Mantua to Peschiera del Garda


AND IF YOU LIKE RIDE BY BIKE YOU CAN'T MISS The most spectacular cycle path in Europe inaugurated in May 2018!!

LA CICLOVIA DEL GARDA the only 140 km itinerary dedicated to cycle tourism along the shores of Lake Garda; a unique work worldwide that will connect Capo Reamol toLimone sul Gardabordering theTrentino Alto Adige, along the State Road 45bis Gardesana

“You will have the sensation of 'walking' on the water by bicycle.

There will be some wonderful panoramic points, such as Capo Reamol and the border point between the provinces of Brescia and Trento, with promontories from where you can admire the whole lake". The end of the cycle path will coincide with the war memorial of the First World War.



CASTELLARO LAGUSELLO: one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and a UNESCO heritage site, it is only 2 km from the Incanto del Garda Farmhouse. Typical for its heart-shaped pond.



another of the most beautiful villages in Italy is only 4 km from the property.

A few km from Borghetto sul Mincio, we also recommend seeing the SIGURTA' GARDEN PARK in the adjacent municipality of Valeggio sul Mincio.

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