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Our family farm

Our philosophy is the preservation of biodiversity  which is an invaluable asset  to be protected.

Our journey started with the ambitious and courageous endeavour of a then 18 year old female entrepreneur who wanted to preserve and revitalize the family farm and sell its goods at local markets.


The company uses eco-sustainable methods of cultivation with a low environmental impact, and also practices crop rotation in order to ensure natural control of pests such as insects and parasites.


We carefully selected  organic fruit and vegetable varieties that are naturally resistant to diseases and environmental factors  in order to avoid the need  of pesticides.
The orchard and vineyards are completely irrigated by  drip irrigation systems to avoid water waste and to counteract the onset of fungal diseases.


Our farm also owns vineyards.  The grapevines of the Morainic Hills (Colline Moreniche)   are renowned  for producing some of the best DOC wines of our country. The varieties that we  produce include  Garda Chardonnay, Riesling, Tocai, Merlot Cabernet and Garganega.

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